Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to apply eyeshadow (beginners)

Eyeshadows are not easy to apply they need lot of practice and technique however if you get that technique i bet you can change your look dramatically. Just a little pop of color can make you look so good.
For eyeshadow application today also i treat myself as a beginner. 
Buy one practice eyeshadow kit choose right colors for application and practice it whenever you get time. I did the same and i am still practicing :)

I have used all shimmery eyeshadow colors by Revlon Bold collection.

Things you will need
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Eye shadow brushes (invest in your brushes coz brushes really makes difference)
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow grooming brush

  • Apply concealer to the eye lid this actually make eyeshadow look stronger
  • Next is you need to highlight the eyelid with light shimmery eyeshadow from outer corner to inner corner of your eye lid. Apply it evenly, close your one eye and check for evenly application.

Brush you can use for eyelid application

Image courtesy: sigmabeauty.com

  • Now apply crease color which is normally darker than your first color. The more dark color you choose the more dramatic look you will get. Apply color in socket of the eye.
  • Keep your eyes open take eye shadow in your brush and apply shadow to the crease  from outer corner to the inner corner upto bridge of your nose. 
  • Blend in your crease line with blending brush  just go back and fourth from outer corner to inner corner of the eye and blend it. 

Brush you can use for crease shadow

Image courtesy: Sigmabeauty.com

Brush you can use for blending your crease

  • Now apply shimmer/highlighter to your brow bone by eyelid shadow brush  from end of your brow bone to the middle of your brow or from where your eyebrow arch starts. 
  • For any kind of eyeshadow application always start from outer corner this make application really easy.
  • Blend that highlighter until it looks subtle you can use your fingers for blending highlighter.

  • Apply some eyeliner to upper and lower lid 
  • Curl your lashes apply mascara
  • Groom your brows with eyebrow pencil and brush
  • And you are ready

Final look

Hope my post will help a lot of beginners like me :)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Braided Head Band....

This one is really really quick hair tutorial...

Things you will need
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair brush
  • Hair spray (optional)


  • Part your hair from any side you want
  • Then brush your hair  from all the sides
  • Take the longest hair strand from back of your ear and start braiding
  • I have taken longest strand of my hair from my left side

This is how it looks from the back

Place that braid around your head like a head band and secure it with bobby pins at the ends.

Super easy hairstyle
You can do side bun for rest of your hair or loose side braid or simple pony tail...

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How To Cut Your Hair At Home...

Have you ever tried to cut your hair at home? I just did it yesterday and I am so happy with the results. This is the first time m cutting my hair on my own so I just cut few inches of my hair. For some people, going to the salon or barber shop is an enjoyable experience however for me I never used to like salon coz hairstylist always used to cut my hair extra inches of what I said. People pay so many thousands of dollars for a haircut and I just did it in few minutes with zero cost.

Required Tools:
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Spritzer bottle of water
  • 2 mirrors


  • Be careful! It is easy to snip your fingers along with your hair!
  • Cut a little at a time--especially if you are a beginner.

Quick Tips:

  • Take your time, especially the first few times that you cut your own hair. Like anything, it will get easier with practice.
  • To check the back of your hair, stand in front of a mirror and hold a hand-held mirror behind you.
  • When you do go to the salon, pay attention to how your stylist cuts your hair. It's the perfect place to pick up some helpful tips!

My hair type

  • Long straight hair


1. Wet hair is much easier to cut than dry hair. Start with hair that is freshly shampooed and free of tangles. Keep a bottle of water with a spray nozzle nearby so that you can dampen your hair if it begins to dry while you are working on it.

2. Be sure that your scissors are nice and sharp to avoid pulling your hair. If you plan to cut your hair on a regular basis, it will be worth investing in a good quality pair of scissors, shears, or clippers designed specifically for use on hair.

3. A simple, yet attractive cut is to lean over and comb your entire wet hair straight forward. Smooth sections of your hair through your fingers and cut all hair in one straight line across. Be sure to work in small sections and continue from one side to the other. Double check to see that the cut feels pretty even and then stand upright. Part your hair in the middle and comb it straight down. Run small sections of your hair between your index and middle fingers to see if there are any long pieces. If you find some, carefully snip off the excess.

  • Another method

Simple styles are best for home haircuts. The easiest cut will be one length everywhere. Decide on an overall length (it's a good idea to measure your hair when you have a cut that you find especially flattering) and then grab your ruler. Working in small sections, comb your hair straight out from your scalp and hold a section smoothly between your index and middle fingers. Measure to the desired length and carefully snip off the excess. Continue in this manner until you have cut all of your hair. This method works equally well for both men and women, with long hair or short hair. The length of the chosen cut can vary from quite short to shoulder length and beyond.

Tutorial on How i did my hair cut

Lean down and brush your hair from all the sides

Hold your hair just like m holding it and cut the ends. If you are a beginner like me cut it short 

 Take all your hair back and then do the middle partition of your hair divide your hair from both the sides as shown in image below brush it together in front and cut the ends. This is first section i did before my ear. (sections i did are according to my front layers)

Same way again take all you hair back and do the middle partition and this time divide section behind the ears, try to keep lines clean.

 Hold in front brush it again

and cut the ends

Lastly brush your hair again and cross check your hair length from opposite sides.

Taa daa and you are done...

Here are my few pics after haircut. i have used first method as m havng front layers.

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Super Cute...Super easy braid....

For this you will need
  • Hair brush
  • Elastics and 
  • Some bobby pins

1) Brush your hair and Side partition your hair take it on one side of your shoulder
2) From the back of your hair take a longest strand of your hair

3) Divide that section into two parts

4) Take one part of your hair under all your hair and another part above your hair

5) Cross this two parts one above other

6) From back also you have to cross it

 7) Repeat the step

8) Finally you will get this super cute braid

9) Secure it with band and safety pins.

You can add some pearls or cute little flowers to make it look super super cute.

Hope you all like my post

How To Apply Nail Polish

There are many ways of applying Nail Paint and this is how i like to apply my nail polish.

1. Start off with a clean nail, make sure the surface is nail polish and oil free.
2. Apply your base coat or ridge filler. This prevents staining and chipping. Let it dry.
3. Place a drop of polish at the center of the nail, a bit above the cuticle.

4. Carefully push the drop towards the cuticle leaving just a small gap
5. Now move your brush upward towards the end of the nail and make a straight line.

6. Go back to the base and swipe the nail along the curve of the nail
 7. Keep dragging the polish until the whole side of the nail is covered.

8. Repeat the step to the other side

9. Repeat the steps for second coat
10. Apply top coat with quick drying.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Tips on Posing for Photos (Portraits)

No need of introduction here...This Gorgeous, cute adorable looking lady is Michelle Phan giving us some tips on posing for portrait.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment Reviews, Hair Fall Myths And Causes....

It’s time for a beauty talk today, and today it will be about sharing a major concern of mine – hair loss.
Hair plays an essential role in every individual’s life. It can transform a person’s appearance to a great extent. It can be twisted and rolled, curled and straightened, colored and can make various styles to keep up with the changing fashion trends. But one needs to take a great care of hair to keep them healthy. To prevent hair from falling, dandruff and breakage, they need healthy diet and better hygiene. Poor diet, illness and deficiencies of any particular vitamin and mineral affect the quality of hair and troubles like dandruff, thinning hair, balding, premature graying etc. which tear down the hair.

I would like to share some of the myths and facts of Hair. 

Myth No. 1 Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Faster and/or Thicker
Fact: False. Shorter hair often looks and feels thicker but cutting your hair won’t alter its normal biologically determined growth rate or overall texture. 
Thin, limp or fine hair will not ever grow thicker in response to a haircut. Plump up your hair by using volume enhancing hair care products, experimenting with a hair fattening blunt cut or getting a texturizing perm or color treatment. 

Myth No. 2: Split Ends Can Be Repaired Without Trimming
Fact: False. The only successful treatment for removing split ends is with a scissors.  While some hair care products may temporarily merge split ends together, this fix only lasts until your next shampoo.Keep in mind damaged ends tends to grow slower than healthy, well-maintained, trimmed hair.

Myth No. 3: It Is Okay To Trim Your Own Split Ends At Home
Fact: True. Although regular visits to your stylist for a professional trim are recommended, if you wish to clip your own split ends at home it is perfectly acceptable. 
Always use a professional set of scissors and avoid dull blades, which can actually make splits worse. 

Myth No. 4: Split Ends Will Travel
Fact: True. Uncut split ends can travel up the hair shaft towards the roots.  Tresses that are not tended to, over time, may develop splits that migrate and split all or part of the entire hair. 
Some ends can actually tear multiple times so that your split ends have splits.  

Myth No. 5: Hair Grows Faster On Different Parts Of The Hair
Fact: True. There is some scientific evidence that the growth rate of hair may vary on different parts of the head for select people.  There is also some indication that the growth rate of hair on babies may be faster on the crown than on any other parts of the scalp.  Usually the growth rate differences are very marginal and will not impact the hair appearance in any way. 

Myth No. 6: Hair Will Always Remain The Same Texture
Fact: False. Although you may be born with straight, curly or wavy locks, there are many circumstances under which your hair’s ultimate texture can be permanently altered.  Pregnancy, medication, chemotherapy, age and other variables can cause your texture to be temporarily or permanently altered.
Myth No. 7: Shaving A Baby’s Scalp Will Alter Their Natural Hair Texture
Fact: False. The hair that a baby is born with may or may not be the hair that they grow up with.  Shaving a baby’s head will not alter the texture of their ultimate hair nor will it cause their hair to grow faster or thicker.  

Myth No. 8: Coloring Hair During Pregnancy Is Harmful
Fact: False.  Although some physicians disagree, most believe that coloring the hair during pregnancy will not be dangerous to the baby. When in doubt always get your physician’s permission to color your hair during pregnancy.  Most experts believe that the key danger with hair coloring is not the application of the product to the scalp but the inhalation of the strong chemical odor.    

Myth No. 9:  Virgin Root Hair Should Be Treated Differently
 Fact: True. The hair that is closest to the roots will react differently to the application of new hair color and chemical treatments.  Hair color applied directly to the roots will process differently that color applied on hair that has already been treated.

Myth No. 10: Blow-Drying Hair Can Cause It To Smoke 
Fact: False. This bizarre myth has been circulating for years in a number of versions. On the rare occasion that hair “smokes” it is due to the evaporation of condensation on the hair from styling gels or similar hair care products.

Myth No. 11: Smoking Causes Gray Hair
Fact: True.  According to J. G. Mosley of the Leigh Infirmary in Lancashire, England in an article in Science News (January 11, 1997) smokers are four times more likely to have gray hair than nonsmokers. Even worse, smoking has been conclusively linked to accelerated hair loss.

Myth No. 12: Gray Hair Can Only Be Covered With Permanent Color
Fact: False.  Depending on the percentage of gray hair that you have, you may be able to blend or cover the budding gray with a semi-permanent or demi-permanent blend that does not contain harsh chemicals.

Myth No. 13: Washing Hair Every Day Dries It Out
Fact: False.  The right shampoo for your hair type and texture will actually add moisture, body and beauty to your hair.  The key is to finding the correct shampoo designed for your hair. 
Also, it's possible to cleanse hair with water only (WO), diluted shampoo (DS) or conditioner only (CO).  When deciding whether to wash your hair every day or not consult with your hair professional and take into consideration your hair type, 

Myth No. 14: Rinse out Conditioners Does Not Provide Benefits Because It Is Rinsed Out
Fact: False.  Rinse out conditioners applied to your hair right after washing will leave a deposit of moisturizing proteins and other ingredients on the hair shaft providing hair that feels softer, shinier or better conditioned.

Myth No. 15: Wearing Tight Braids, Ponytails Or Buns Causes Baldness
Fact: True. Traction alopecia is a very real hair loss condition that may result from wearing tight ponytails, cornrows or buns over an extended period of time. 
Over time, hair breakage or loss as the result of tight, stressed styles, can become permanent. Avoid this potential problem by opting for looser styles that minimize scalp tension.  

Myth No. 16: Sleeping With A Wet Head Causes Scalp Fungus
Fact: False.  Scalp or fungal diseases can’t be caught from sleeping with wet scalps.  Scalp fungus or infections requires prior involvement with infected sources such as humans, tainted hair care tools or animals. As an example, ringworm can be spread by infected animals.  

Myth No. 17: Sharing Combs And Brushes Can Spread Scalp Diseases
Fact: True.  It is a fact that lice and other parasites can be transported from scalp to scalp through the sharing of combs, brushes and other hair care tools.

Myth No. 18: Hair Develops Immunity To The Same Shampoo Over Time
Fact: False.  Many people swear that their hair will become immune to the benefits of the same shampoo used over time.  There is no scientific evidence to prove this myth.

Myth No. 19: Hair Should Be Washed Every Day

Fact: False.  There is no correct schedule for washing hair.  Every person should shampoo according to the specific needs of their hair type and texture.  While some people do benefit from a daily shampoo, others benefit from a variety of shampooing schedules.

Myth No. 20: Lemon Juice Will Bleach Hair Blonde
Fact: False.  While some naturally light haired people may notice a slight lightening or brightening after prolonged sun exposure soaked in lemon juice, the majority of people will not see any obvious change in their hair lightness or brightness. 

Myth No. 21: Salon Products Are Identical To Drugstore Products
Fact: False. While there is an exception to every rule, salon products are generally manufactured to contain higher quality, more expensive ingredients that are designed to consistently provide more intensive cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning results. 
Myth No. 22: Swimming Pool Chemicals Can Turn Hair Green
Fact: True. Frequent swimmers with natural blonde or chemically highlighted hair that is extremely porous may experience the development of green tints and shades over time.  This problem can be prevented with regular use of moisturizing shampoo and conditioners that provides a natural barrier to chlorine and related chemicals.  
Myth No. 23: A Sunburnt Scalp Can Lead To Hairloss
Fact: True. Severe sunburn or a series of burns that occur over time may damage delicate hair follicles at the root level.  People with a genetic predisposition towards hair loss may accelerate the onset of hair loss activity.  Avoid scalp burns by applying sun protection products to your scalp along with your hair.  

Myth No. 24: Brushing Thinning Hair Makes It Fall Out Faster
Fact: False. As long as you use a good brush on your hair, normal daily brushing will not accelerate the normal loss of hair from the scalp.  If your hair is suffering from a hair loss condition like alopecia brushing will only cause you to lose hair that is already ready to fall. Excessive brushing is always discouraged under any circumstances.  

Myth No. 25: Hair Care Products Advertised As Natural Are Chemical Free
Fact: False. Not all hair care products sold in health food establishments are completely natural and may contain chemicals like SLS.  When in doubt read the label. 

Myth No. 26 Pluck one gray hair and two grow back
Fact: False If this would have been true, half the world would be pulling his hair out to get a heavier mane.
Graying of an individual strand has nothing to do with its neighboring hair. When you pull out a gray hair, it does not secret anything that will make the surrounding hair turn white.
It’s just the lack of pigment melanin which makes the hair lose its natural color.

Myth No. 27 Rinsing with cold water makes your hair shinier.
Fact: True. Cold water helps to close the cuticle layer on the hair strand and helps conditioner work better, leaving the hair more lustrous.

 What are the causes of Hair Fall

Hair is also integral part of our organic system and like any other cells of the body hair cells in our scalp also needs proper nourishment and nutrition. So the deficiency of a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can as well be the cause of hair loss and baldness along with other causes.

2. Fever and viral diseases
High fever for a longer period and viral diseases are said to be some of the contributing factors for the hair loss of many patients suffering from these diseases. Typhoid is the most prominent disease to be the cause of hair loss for many patients affected by it.

3. Certain drugs and treatment
Certain drugs and treatment can be very harmful for the condition of your scalp and hair. Normally cancer patients subjected to chemotherapy or radiation are much vulnerable to the hair loss or rapid thinning of hair. Many crucial or life saving drugs in the allopathic medical tradition have tremendous side effects to cause hair loss.

4. Stress is one of the major cause of Hair Loss problem
Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss which explains the subversive effects of our modern day life style on the functioning of our organic system. Our hair cells like other organic cells needs rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. With your stress and restlessness your scalp condition is also left with syndromes of falling apart and non responsive degrowth.

5. Cosmetics
Chemically treated cosmetics can be a major cause of hair loss. Before straightening your hair artificially by using hair gel or hairstyling by means of any non organic material remind yourself of the long term causes these would leave on your scalp. Most of the shampoo and bathing products in the market are chemically treated and they are known to have a adverse effect on our hair and skin. It is high time to beaware of them, especially for those who are proud of their mop of lovely hair.

6. Water
Are you aware that the regular supply of water in any household is chemically treated and for a person who has already developed the syndromes of receding hairline, bathing with this water can prove dangerous.

7. Pregnancy and child birth
Pregnancy and giving child birth is one of the major causes of hair loss in case of women. Women become vulnerable to various kinds of mineral deficiencies at the time of pregnancy or child birth which causes their hair loss.
From the major causes of hair loss it is evident that with a little caution and change in our life style or habits we can eradicate maximum of these factors to cause hair fall.

But now we don't have to worry for hair fall coz Dove has come-up with its new range called Dove Hair Fall Rescue.  

Products available under this range are:

1. Hair fall Rescue Shampoo
2. Hair fall Rescue Conditioner
3. Hair fall rescue treatment mask
4. Hair fall rescue serum &
5. Hair fall rescue treatment

And today m going to review one of its product called Hair fall rescue treatment.


Price: 19.90S$ / INR price 350/- only
On medplusbeauty.com they are selling this product for 297/-

Quantity: 7tubes of 7ml each

Products facts:  The new Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment strengthens and nourishes strands from the roots. It contains Trichozole active with Ginseng and Soy Protein that reduce damage at the roots and help lock your hair firmly in place - so you have the freedom from hair fall in just 2 weeks. 

How to use:

  1. Wash hair as usual and towel dry.
  2. Break open flat nozzle cap and apply lotion directly on clean scalp.
  3. Make series of partings and apply lotion evenly to the scalp.
  4.  Massage lotion for 2-3 minutes to let it penetrate into the roots of your hair.
  5. Use entire content of one vial at each application and leave it until next wash. Style as usual. (Must be left on for atleast 8 hours).
  6. For best results, apply on clean scalp soon after towel dry & use every two days

My reviews: ***** star

If I would have 10 stars I have given that to this miraculous product. I was having hair fall problem from last one year. Singapore has hard water which is not good for hair. I tried so many shampoos however nothing was working for me. Everyday around 50-60 strands of hair or I can say more than that used to fall and while bathing it was horrible. I used to do oiling every week but it was of no use. My hair fall got worst when I got flu for one month. 
When I recovered I thought of doing something for my hair fall. I searched on-line for the products and came across with the Dove tonic. Very next day I bought this product from Guardian. I am using this tonic from last 12 days and I have not used it completely still two more tubes are left and my hair fall problem is solved. This small tube of 7ml is enough for your scalp application. The tonic smells mild and nice. 
This product is miraculous I don't know if m exaggerating but it really worked wonder for my hair in just one week. After I comb my hair I see only 2-3 strands of hair and while bathing my hair feel so strong. I am really happy with this product. I wish I would have bought whole range of Hair fall rescue.

I will Highly recommend this product for everyone who is having hair fall problem. 

Hope you all like my post.

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