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Eyeliner How to apply , Types and Tutorial

Eyeliner has been a makeup essential since at least the time of Cleopatra; Back in the days of Cleo, applying eye liner was a tricky business. The Egyptian beauty’s only choices for eye liner were burned sticks of kohl, smudged over and under the eyelid. Today, you have many eyeliner options and the choice can get confusing. Here are some useful tips for choosing and applying eyeliner.

Types of eyeliners

Cake/gel eyeliners: These are the oldest type of eyeliners. They are similar to color paints they come in a pot you have to use water and brush for applying cake/gel eyeliners.
These eyeliners are used by professionals.

  • Pros: Very creamy and easy to smudge. Great for smokey eyes.
  • Cons: Expensive and not so portable like pencil liners  
  • For every application we have to clean the brush

Liquid eyeliners: Liquid eyeliners come in a tube or bottle having brush in it. When pulled out we can see eyeliner on brush. They are applied with very thin brush and these are hardest eyeliners to apply. So beginners should avoid liquid eyeliners.

  • Pros: For dramatic look or cat eyes they are great.
  •  Cons: Very difficult to apply.
  • It takes a lot of practice to apply liquid liners

Pencil eyeliners: These are best for beginners. They are very easy to apply. Those who don’t have steady hands should use eyeliner pencils. As theses pencils are dry they tend to pull your skin so a great alternative for eye pencil is eyeliner pen. They glide easily and give best strokes.

  • Pros: Easy to apply
  • Available in various colors
  • Cons: some pencils have to sharp every time when we apply eyeliner.

How to apply eyeliner

While applying the eyeliner, slope your head back slightly and keep your eyes half-open to let you see yourself in the mirror as you are applying the liner.
The line must be drawn on the upper lid from the middle side of the eye to the outer side then do the inner eye. Let the liner dry before opening your eyes fully. To soften the seem of cruel eyeliner, blotch it a little using the brush. Lower lid is lined from outer rim tapering to the inner side of the eye. Liquid liner has to be applied in one smooth stroke while pencil is applied by stroking the area lightly. Too thick eyeliner does not look good so go for thinner lines. Liquid liners require practice and brushed must always be washed with a makeup remover after using them. If your hand is shaky, stand close to the mirror to offer it hold from the mirror.


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