Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to apply eyeshadow (beginners)

Eyeshadows are not easy to apply they need lot of practice and technique however if you get that technique i bet you can change your look dramatically. Just a little pop of color can make you look so good.
For eyeshadow application today also i treat myself as a beginner. 
Buy one practice eyeshadow kit choose right colors for application and practice it whenever you get time. I did the same and i am still practicing :)

I have used all shimmery eyeshadow colors by Revlon Bold collection.

Things you will need
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Eye shadow brushes (invest in your brushes coz brushes really makes difference)
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow grooming brush

  • Apply concealer to the eye lid this actually make eyeshadow look stronger
  • Next is you need to highlight the eyelid with light shimmery eyeshadow from outer corner to inner corner of your eye lid. Apply it evenly, close your one eye and check for evenly application.

Brush you can use for eyelid application

Image courtesy: sigmabeauty.com

  • Now apply crease color which is normally darker than your first color. The more dark color you choose the more dramatic look you will get. Apply color in socket of the eye.
  • Keep your eyes open take eye shadow in your brush and apply shadow to the crease  from outer corner to the inner corner upto bridge of your nose. 
  • Blend in your crease line with blending brush  just go back and fourth from outer corner to inner corner of the eye and blend it. 

Brush you can use for crease shadow

Image courtesy: Sigmabeauty.com

Brush you can use for blending your crease

  • Now apply shimmer/highlighter to your brow bone by eyelid shadow brush  from end of your brow bone to the middle of your brow or from where your eyebrow arch starts. 
  • For any kind of eyeshadow application always start from outer corner this make application really easy.
  • Blend that highlighter until it looks subtle you can use your fingers for blending highlighter.

  • Apply some eyeliner to upper and lower lid 
  • Curl your lashes apply mascara
  • Groom your brows with eyebrow pencil and brush
  • And you are ready

Final look

Hope my post will help a lot of beginners like me :)

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