Friday, 5 October 2012

How To Stop Lipstick From Bleeding/Feathering

  1.   Just don’t apply lipstick too much often the time it bleeds because we are over applying it. Use a brush for applying lipstick. Do not apply directly by tube we use more product by applying directly from tube. Using brush and not applying more of lipstick we are reducing the risk of bleeding which is wonderful. Find the most pigmented lipstick and apply just one layer and you will be much happier.
  2. Second method is blotting your lips. Apply your lipstick and blot it to absorb all access oil again do the same procedure again n again until u see good pigmentation on your lips.
  3. Lip pencil works great. They make barrier for your lipstick from getting feathery so your lipstick stays inside.  Another method is lip your pencil completely and apply one layer of lipstick so if the lipstick goes away you will still have color on your lips.
  4. Applying primer is another great option. Apply some foundation on your lips so that it will get into your wrinkles from were lipstick actually bleeds. Wait until your foundation becomes dry, dab some translucent power to block it all and you are ready to apply lipstick. This will make your lips perfect for application.

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