Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Beaded nails/caviar nails

I must say beaded nails are the best. They are so much fun and very easy to do. You can opt for Ciate caviar which are expensive or you can buy your beads from local crafts store.

Today I am showing you a tutorial on how i did my beaded nails  

For this you will need
  • Nail Paint
  • Beads
  • Tweezers
  • Topcoat
  • small dish 

  1. Apply base coat and let it dry
  2. Then apply first coat of nail paint and let it dry
  3. Then apply second coat of nail paint
  4. Work on one nail at a time. Now take the top coat and apply near your cuticles and immediately when the topcoat is wet add beads with the help of tweezers on top coat so that they can stick well, same i did on all the four sides of nail. adjust the bead with tweezers or if excess remove it with tweezers.
  5. You can add some bright dark colors on sides and just leave it or fill inside with other fun color
  6.  I fill inside with the same green color.

After doing all the sides again I added topcoat inside and added beads and this is how it looks

Finally add topcoat on it and let it dry 
Voila and you are done

 If you have crafts store beads then you just have to pour it on topcoat and press it to fix and apply topcoat

Sephora is having some really good Ciate caviar mini bar with funnel inside
You can get this in any sephora store or sephora online.

 * Or you can make your own beads at home. From craft store bring smallest beads of different colors and mix all together and you will get almost same color like Ciate. However craft store beads are having holes in it while Ciate beads are not having any holes. 

Beaded nails will last upto 2-3 days depends on how much you work.
If you are going for party or any special occasion then I will say you can try beaded nails.

Patterns you can try
  1. You can play with single color
  2. Try five color for five nails
  3. or two color for alternate nails
  4. Or try to stick beads only on tips of your nail
  5. Or only near your cuticles
  6. Instead of using micro bead try using big beads they look great
  7. Bead only half of your nail

My personal favorite is black caviar nails

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Hope you all like my post


  1. love it. I have recently tried out a caviar manicure set by the greek brand tommy g and I loved it. With the craft store beaas looks even more fantastic.

    1. Yeah even I have to try Craft store beaded nails :)

  2. Fantastic blog, Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this.
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