Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nose contouring and highlighting technique...

Nose contouring is a nifty trick worth mastering if you wish to sculpt your nose using highlighting and contouring techniques. If you want taller and more defined nose check our below tutorial

Things you will need
  • Matte dark eyeshadow or any shadow which is two shades darker than your skin tone / the Contouring powder/Matte bronzer
  • Contouring brush
  • Highlighter
  • Highlighter brush

Step one
Nothing has been done to my face in this image. This is how my nose looks before contouring

Step 2
Take eyeshadow or contour powder on your brush and draw lines like I did.  
I have drawn lines on sides of my nose. 
As you can see I have drawn line from the beginning of my brow dragging it down till the end and I have joined it. 
You can draw this line by any flat brush. 

If you have contour powder and brush then you don't have to draw lines. Just dab brush in powder and apply it on sides.

Step three
Then with your contour brush blend that powder on the sides of your nose. Make sure that you are blending powder only on the sides and not on the bridge of the nose.

Step four
Now add some highlighter on the bridge of your nose

Tada you are done

M sharing before and after pics just to show you what difference it makes

If you are confused or scared of doing it then I will suggest that first try it at home 
Take matte dark brown lip liner draw same lines like I did and blend it with you fingers gently on the sides and you will see a defined nose for sure.

Try it and let me know

Hope you all like my post

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